Federal Privacy Protections for Patients Receiving SUD Treatment Services in Integrated Settings

Understanding 42 CFR Part 2 in Community Mental Health Centers and Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers

This resource describes key privacy considerations for patients’ SUD treatment records that originate from a Part 2 program or provider within community mental health centers (CMHSs) or certified community behavioral health centers (CCBHCs).

Please note that the CoE-PHI Team is currently working on an updated version of this resource that will reflect the 2024 final rule changes to 42 CFR Part 2.

Key Points

  • Part 2 may apply to individual provider(s) or unit(s) within the CMHC or CCBHC, but not the entire entity.
  • Part 2 only applies to information that identifies someone as seeking or receiving services from a Part 2 program within the CMHC or CCBHC.
  • In order for the Part 2 program to share information with other providers in the CMHC or CCBHC, written patient consent is generally required.