Sharing SUD Treatment Records With Multiple Providers: How to Use Multi-Party Consent Forms

This resource provides guidance on filling out consent form that authorizes disclosures of substance use disorder treatment records to multiple parties in a way that complies with Part 2 and the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Please note that the CoE-PHI Team is currently working on an updated version of this resource that will reflect the 2024 final rule changes to 42 CFR Part 2.

Key Points

  • Multi-party consent forms work best when a patient wants to authorize different people to receive the same information for the same purpose.
  • Multi-party consent forms should be avoided when the parties need different information for different purposes.
  • When using a multi-party consent form, it can be useful to authorize disclosures between all the parties – not just one-way disclosures from a Part 2 program to other parties.

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